blog Increase admission to your institution

With the Digital MIS Education ERP, you can attract parents by providing android apps to monitor his/her ward’s progress. It really builds the confidence on the institution. Nowadays, every parent wants to see their ward’s study in the institution in a finger tip. The Education ERP will help you to make your institution technologically stronger.

blog Tools to engage students in learning process

Students loose the interest on the topics the teacher is teaching during the class due to boring class or distraction. Active participation of the students is important to keep their mind towards the class. In order to do so, teacher need to increase their focus and improve their thinking skills.

Student Response System device is one of the great tool to keep the student focused and attentive in the class by asking questions and getting the response of all the students in the class through the Student Response System device. Immediately, teacher will come to know how many students and who and all have given the right answers.

blog Save Time + Paper + Money with Education ERP

The teachers in the institute will spend 60% of their work in non-teaching work which results in non-productivity. With the implementation of Digital MIS Education ERP, the overall institute can save 30-40% time, 50% paper and 20-30% money.